Support Doctors
1) Promote a “True Reform in the Medical Council of Hong Kong”
  • 1.1) Before restarting the discussion of a true reform in the Medical Council of Hong Kong, the government should fully consult various stakeholders including medical sector, patient bodies, public and professional organisations.
  • 1.2) Before the introduction of a new bill to the Legco by the government, the Medical Council of Hong Kong should adopt some administrative measures to expedite handling of complaints.

2) Maintain professional autonomy
  • 2.1) The salary and benefit package of public doctors and dentists must be closely linked to those of civil servants.
  • 2.2) The medical representative or Legislative Councilor should be the member of Hospital Authority Board.
  • 2.3) Before introducing the “Continuing Medical Education, CME”, the government should fully consult the medical sector and reach a consensus.
  • 2.4) Urge the government to implement the regulation of medical groups and the beauty groups.

3) Care about the dental development
  • 3.1) Enhance the public-private partnership on dental services, so as to provide the public with affordable dental services
  • 3.2) Also strengthen the dental services to those underprivileged via non-government organizations
  • 3.3) Review dental specialist training programs.

4) Care about medical students and graduates
  • 4.1) Urge the Hospital Authority to improve the planning of medical manpower. Local medical graduates must be firstly recruited and provided with training
  • 4.2) Fully review the learning resources and manpower arrangements of medical student teaching in the public hospitals.
Fight for the Health of Patients 
5) Improve manpower in the public hospitals 
  • 5.1) Manpower allocation is ineffective in public hospitals when winter surge, all the emergency wards, internal medicine wards and paediatric wards will face severe impact by lacking in sufficient manpower. Therefore, I suggest reducing some doctors’ administrative work during winter surge to alleviate the pressure.
  • 5.2) Urge the government to increase recurrent medical expenditure, and increase the hospital wards, manpower and related facilities by one-fifth 
  • 5.3) Monitor the work progress of the Steering Committee on Review of Hospital Authority 
  • 5.4) Medical staff who is pregnant for over 28 weeks should be immune from night-shift duty 

6) Strengthen the public-private partnership to help the patients 
  • 6.1) Closely monitor the “General Outpatient Clinic (GOPC) Public-Private Partnership Programme”. Regularly adjust the service fee and the drug fee for private doctors participating in this Programme. 
  • 6.2) Increase the annual health care vouchers’ amount which is $2,000 now, and lower the eligible elder aged 70 to 65. 
  • 6.3) Implement the voluntary health insurance scheme as soon as possible; and particularly strengthen the monitor of medical compensation with the aim to let the public use the service without worries and choose the doctors freely 
  • 6.4) Optimize the “Electronic Health Record (eHR) Sharing System” to let the patients’ record in private doctors easily integrate with the eHR of the public hospitals.

Fight for the Health of Hong Kong 
Political reform 
  • Urge the Central Government to let Hong Kong enjoy the universal suffrage by abolishing the functional constituencies and selecting all directly-elected members of the Legislative Council in 2020; and selecting the Chief Executive of HKSAR with "no screening" in the procedures for nominating candidates as well as let the public have the right to make nomination 

  • Increase subsidy to the primary, secondary schools and teaching assistants so that the teachers’ administrative workload can be reduced. Also broaden the University Grants Committee (UGC) - funded places for local students; and increase research funding 
  • Support “Small Class Teaching” which can improve learning effectiveness; and abolish the Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) 

  • Urge the government to build more units under the public housing and Home Ownership Scheme so that the grass-roots and single persons can own their units 
  • Given the huge financial reserves, the government should introduce more tax-reduction measures to alleviate the burden of the middle-class 
  • The government should introduce and implement a sustainable retirement plan to let the working class enjoy a comfortable elderly life 
  • Promote environmental-friendly policy. Urge the government to give subsidy towards the industry of waste collectors and recyclers. Encourage the public to reduce waste at source, and reduce landfill 
  • Urge the government to promptly review related regulations to tighten the control over excessive use of antibiotics when raising food animals with the aim to improve the overall quality of meat and poultry sold in Hong Kong