P Legco 立法會事務

《基本法》第三節: 立法機關 
第七十三條 香港特別行政區立法會行使下列職權:
( 一 ) 根據本法規定並依照法定程序制定、修改和廢除法律;
( 二 ) 根據政府的提案,審核、通過財政預算;
( 三 ) 批准稅收和公共開支;
( 四 ) 聽取行政長官的施政報告並進行辯論;
( 五 ) 對政府的工作提出質詢;
( 六 ) 就任何有關公共利益問題進行辯論;
( 七 ) 同意終審法院法官和高等法院首席法官的任免;
( 八 ) 接受香港居民申訴並作出處理;
( 九 ) 如立法會全體議員的四分之一聯合動議,指控行政長官有嚴重違法或瀆職行為而不辭職,經立法會通過進行調查,立法會可委托終審法院首席法官負責組成獨立的調查委員會,並擔任主席。調查委員會負責進行調查,並向立法會提出報告。如該調查委員會認為有足夠證據構成上述指控,立法會以全體議員三分之二多數通過,可提出彈劾案,報請中央人民政府決定;
( 十 ) 在行使上述各項職權時,如有需要,可傳召有關人士出席作證和提供證據。






    The Basic Law Section 3 : The Legislature

    Article 73: The Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall exercise the following powers and functions;

    ( 1 ) To enact, amend or repeal laws in accordance with the provisions of this Law and legal procedures;
    ( 2 ) To examine and approve budgets introduced by the government;
    ( 3 ) To approve taxation and public expenditure;
    ( 4 ) To receive and debate the policy addresses of the Chief Executive;
    ( 5 ) To raise questions on the work of the government;
    ( 6 ) To debate any issue concerning public interests;
    ( 7 ) To endorse the appointment and removal of the judges of the Court of Final Appeal and the Chief Judge of the High Court;
    ( 8 ) To receive and handle complaints from Hong Kong residents;
    ( 9 ) If a motion initiated jointly by one-fourth of all the members of the Legislative Council charges the Chief Executive with serious breach of law or dereliction of duty and if he or she refuses to resign, the Council may, after passing a motion for investigation, give a mandate to the Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal to form and chair an independent investigation committee. The committee shall be responsible for carrying out the investigation and reporting its findings to the Council. If the committee considers the evidence sufficient to substantiate such charges, the Council may pass a motion of impeachment by a two-thirds majority of all its members and report it to the Central People's Government for decision; and
    ( 10 ) To summon, as required when exercising the above-mentioned powers and functions, persons concerned to testify or give evidence.

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