P Complaints 申訴

第三節: 立法機關 第七十三條 
( 八 ) 接受香港居民申訴並作出處理


立法會申訴制度是由立法會運作的制度。透過這制度,議員接受並處理市民對政府措施或政策不滿而提出的申訴。申訴制度亦處理市民就政府政策、法例及公眾所關注的其他事項提交的意見書。 每周有7位議員輪流當值,監察申訴制度的運作,並向處理申訴個案的立法會秘書處公共申訴辦事處職員作出指示。同時,議員亦輪流於當值的一周內"值勤",接見已預約的申訴人(包括個別人士及申訴團體),討論其申訴事項。


According to The Basic Law

Section 3 The Legislature Article 73

The Legislative Council of the HKSAR shall exercise the following powers and functions; ( 8 ) To receive and handle complaints from Hong Kong residents;

Legislative Council Secretariat (Handling of Complaints)

The Legislative Council Redress System is a system operated by the Legislative Council to receive and handle complaints from members of the public who are aggrieved by Government actions or policies. It also deals with public representations on Government policies and legislation as well as other matters of public concern.

Members take turns, in groups of seven, to be on duty each week to oversee the Redress System and to receive and handle representations of and complaints made by deputations. During their duty week, they also take turns to undertake "ward duty" during which they meet with individual members of the public and provide guidance to staff on the processing of cases.